My story...

Or how I got here!

How would you like being born on a window? Well that’s how I got started, on a steamed up window that my author, Yvonne, drew every evening. At first I was a plump heart shaped critter she named Hartlie. I had big round eyes, a very large smile and wore striped stockings with high top sneakers because I ran everywhere I went.

I looked this way for a very long time until Yvonne got tired of the little steam droplets erasing me before we were through talking. That’s when she decided to put me down on paper, and oh how good it felt to finally be dry.

Once I made it onto the paper there were major changes in store. First, I changed shapes and ended up looking like a huge dog Yvonne loved. Secondly, I suddenly found myself all tucked up in the middle of a beautiful green Bog. I was so happy to have ended up here as I just love it! There’s a wonderful crystal clear creek that runs through the middle of it where I can swim or just sit and think. There’s tons of critters living here as well, so life is very busy with some extraordinary things going on. Life in the Bog is never, ever boring!

Neither are my friends who are really unique like Chenille, a curly haired hen who owns The Chicken Coop Café, Mr. Quibbles the Bog school teacher, Mr. Scumley the greengrocer, Fussy Snicket, Dinghy Duckford, Russell Sprout….well the list goes on and on. You’ll love getting to know them and finding out about life with them in the Bog.

Together, we’ve learned so many wonderful life lessons that we’d love to share with you, so we started writing them down, and that’s how the Hartlie Series was born, straight from our hearts to yours. There’s tons of FREE great stories and loads of crazy critters…so hurry…tell your friends and come meet me in the Bog, I’ll be waiting by the creek.

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