The Hartlie Series...

Or how it all began!

Having been active in various Christian ministries for years, Yvonne knew God was  turning her in a completely new direction. At age 55, the Lord started giving Yvonne children's stories that culminated in "The Hartlie Series". She calls these stories "whimsical parables" as they entertain while teaching and re-enforcing the precious truths of scripture. Stories that help parents parent and Sunday School teachers teach. Stories that build a child's character, showing Jesus truly is "The Way, The Truth, and The Light!"... The same light she felt so strongly led to nurture and protect in our nations children ... Our future.

Twelve years and LOTS of stories later, she still has a burning committment to help children and families. Through the generosity of private individuals and corporate sponsorships, thousands of these wonderful stories have been given out to food banks, orphanages, abuse shelters, foster child rescue, pregnancy centers and many other ministries reaching out to hurting children and families.
Yvonne is incredibly grateful for this commission. She is grateful to have been brought here, blessed here, and to serve her creator God through Christ here.

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