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Some of the nice things people have said about Hartlie

"These stories are not only brilliantly written and poetically engaging, but they truly touch a place in your soul with each and every character.  They are sacred pieces of art wrapped up in a ribbon of whimsey which makes them so utterly delightful."  


"What a joy to recommend my friend Yvonne Taylor and her unique gift of writing for children!  Yvonne has a magical mix of whimsy, laughter and spiritual depth.  Unique to say the least, but greatly used by the Lord in communicating His truth and love to children of all ages.  It has been my pleasure to be involved with her ministry for almost 15 years and she continues to amaze and inspire!  You don't want to miss these stories!  We can hardly wait to see how her gift will bless everyone who reads her."

Michael D. Adams  World wide intinerant evangelist
Orlando, Florida

"As an elementary reading specialist and teacher, I have opportunity to review much children's literature.  It is high time we see a children's series with a lesson and moral for readers of all ages.  As we escape into a marshland rich with humorously real animal characters who struggle with familiar problems, we find unique and really workable solutions in the strangest places. No imaginative person who picks up a Hartlie story should be disappointed!  Thank God for this author with integrity, insight, and amazing talent."

Carol Keller-Vlangas, Educational Specialist


"These stories are Great!!!  Kids all over the world will love them, I already do!  My name is Alexander Jacobik and I am seven years olds.  These are written by a special person and the stories are about special critters.  These books are going to be Best-sellers.  These books teach you about the Ten Commandments, and other things God created, as well as the way you should behave.  That's what I have to say about these great and special stories."

Alexander Jacobik  7 yrs old
Bushnell, Florida

"The little world of Hartlie and the Critters is enchanting, heartwarming and heartbreaking. What a wonderful way to learn the lessons of life no matter how young or old you are. I wish these tales had been around when my boys were growing up.  Children everywhere need to have Hartlie as part of their lives."

Michele Lavender
Woolpit, UK

"One of the best childrens series I've seen in years.  The easily read and understandable stroies are a delight and with a good moral touch.  The unusual and delightful characters have been magically created and illustrated by the very talented authoress.  A must have series for children."

John Hardy
Leigh-on-sea, UK

"It was my privilege to host Yvonne Taylor on the "Homekeepers" television program.  I, along with my viewers were impressed with her talent to teach sound, theological truth through the life of an adorable little mutt.  Every home housing a little child should have these stories."

Arthelene Rippy
Clearwater, Florida

"Every so often, God sends along a special messenger with a specific message for a specific audience.  Yvonne Taylor is one of those "sent ones."  She comes to us with an insight into the Gospel through "Hartlie."  Hartlie is a dog!  And a jolly good one, I must say.  Through Yvonne's poetic story telling along with her superb illustrations, Hartlie comes to life in the hands and heart of the reader.  I recommend "The Hartlie Series" to anyone, young or old and especially to those who have tender spirits toward youngsters.  You - and they - will be superbly blessed."

Pastor Dan Betzer
Fort Myers, Florida

"Yvonne's stories are not just "cutesy" warm, fuzzy stories, instead the stories are an extension of her Spirit-led philosophy for life.  With that in mind, it is easy to see how Yvonne, through Hartlie, does not just tell something she "knows,' but passionately shares something God says about those issues."

Pastor Clarence Crane
Bushnell, Florida

"I've been waiting for this series for a long time.  I was so glad to have been one of the first to have a preview into the creative mind of Yvonne Taylor.  Children are going to love the "Hartlie Series"  The engaging stories are all in verse and adults will appreciate the values and vocabulary their children will learn from Hartlie.  Yvonne tackles many topics including the hard ones and they all provide good lessons."

Judy Cheney
St. Catherine, Florida

"It is wonderful Yvonne is using her God-given gifts to reach children in this simple & yet profound way. The Lord will make her story a comfort & a way of escape for many children from the effects of bullying."