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The Streak - Fear (For The Very Young)

No matter how scared we may be, Jesus never leaves us or fails us if we turn to Him. Hartlie finds this out when cornered by the dreaded Streak.
(For little ones 3 to 5 yrs. of age) 

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Wooly’s Point Of View - Self Esteem

A story about how we see ourselves. When Hartlie comes across a down and out Wooly, it’s just a matter of time before some very dramatic changes turn Wooly’s depression into a dance of joy.
(For ages 5yrs and up)

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Furdy Fleegles’ Choice - Peer Pressure

The importance of choosing our friends wisely. Furdy is forced to make some life changing decisions. Will he go along with some new but dodgy friends in his life? 
(For ages 5yrs and up)

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The Beastoferous Bully - Bullying

For every child who has ever bullied or been bullied. The Bog critters are sick and tired of Beastoferous Heaps mean, hateful, bullying. But do they have the courage to confront him?
(For ages 5yrs and up)

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Rainbows and Radishes  - Grief

How God helps us through our grief. Two adorable but mischievous twin rabbits, suddenly find themselves orphaned and homeless. Would they ever be able to find a family who would love and give them the new start they so desperately needed.
(For ages 5yrs and up)

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The Strange Swooglehorn  - Addiction 

The dangers of addiction.  The Bog would never be the same after the ‘Sleazles’ came to town.  They brewed a potent elixir that hooked those who drank it.  Poor Lumpy found out just how powerful and destructive the elixir truly was.
(For ages 5yrs and up)

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Weezie Sleazle  - Addiction

How addiction affects family and loved ones. ‘Weezie Sleazle’ is the continuation of ‘The Strange Swooglehorn.’  Weezie is the Bog drug dealer’s son, who learns first hand the awful consequences of substance abuse.
(For ages 5yrs and up)

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The Chicken Coop Café - Trials

Trials, or when bad things happen to good people. Chenille, a curly haired hen, certainly had her fair share of trials, but one would threaten not only her but her entire brood.
(For ages 5yrs and up)

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To Tease A Bummble - Teasing

How teasing causes pain and suffering.  Rummbly Bummble finds out just how miserable it feels to be teased and sees what happens to those who think it’s fun to laugh at someone instead of with them.
(For ages 5yrs and up) 

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Flying Is For The Birds - Forgiveness

The importance of forgiveness.  An innocent but foolish game takes a very bad turn, leaving both players with the painful consequence. This story is how each dealt with that pain.

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The Wigglesteens - Laziness

How being lazy leads to problems.  Ernie thought he could have it all…and that everything would come to him effortlessly.  But his daddy decides he loves Ernie to much to help him stay that way.

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A Dilly Of A Tale - Gossip

The dangers involved in gossip and backbiting. Pickle Dilly loves nothing more than to chew on a juicy piece of gossip and spread it to all who’ll listen, until one day when it ignited the worst flap the tree-bound Dillys had ever experienced!

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One Mad Mole Named Myrtle - Humility/Pride

The problems with pride and the need for humility. Trouble brews when Myrtle and her loving brood are startled, hurt and angered by the Herons who feel that most critters are below their station in life.

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A Dandy Dilemma - Honesty/Lying

The importance of honesty. Dandy, so full of life and energy, takes her job a little to far, landing her, the mayor and his wife in all kinds of trouble.

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A Lesson For Mr. Quibbles
- Creation/Evolution

A story of creation vs. evolution. Poor Mr. Quibbles, the Bog school teacher, has met his match in Feisty and when the question of ‘how the world began’ came up, things took a decidedly precarious turn. 


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Meme Le Braht - Gratitude 

A story about gratitude and the dangers of spoiling a child. Meme's doting parents make certain that she wants for nothing and in the process, almost turn her into a creature who is good for nothing.      

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Dumplings And Wedding Rings - Marriage 

Marriage and commitment.  Vermina and Beau celebrate their marriage with one of the most elaborate weddings the Bog had ever seen.  But when the reality of children and hard work set in, so does all out war.  Would they honor their vows. Would they love God, each other and their children enough to put it all back together?

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Peapods Green Grocery - Generosity/Greed

The love of money and the dangers of greed.  Mr. Scumley, the Bogs Greengrocer is also the Bogs main tightwad. Tangles, his hardworking but down-trodden assistant never seems to be able to please his complaining boss, whose only love in life is the money he hoards.

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Beagles, Bugles and Buzzards - Faith

A story about faith and how it impossible to please God without it. A half starved pup finds his way into Bearly Gribbles blacksmith shop. After a rocky start, Bearly and Hartlie befriend the scrawny young hound and a new life of hope begins.

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Dinghy Duckford - Purpose

A story of gifting and purpose.  Dinghy is desperate to find his purpose in life.  What he wanted seemed out of the question due to health reasons but that was before his life and circumstances drastically changed.

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Fussy Snicket - Anger 

The dangers of a bad temper and lack of self-control. Fussy demands everything be spotless and in its right place, including the critters. She becomes unhinged when a visitor proclaims she is living in his house. The encounter that follows ends Fussy on     the wrong side of the law.

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Footprints and Breadcrumbs - Fear

How we can overcome fear in our lives.  Hartlie finds himself in a very dangerous situation.  When fear starts to overwhelm him, he draws on his faith to help overcome what seems like an impossible situation

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A Delightful Difference - Tolerance/Prejudice

A story of understanding and tolerance. Edgy, the eldest in his brood, finds himself caught up in circumstances that force him to rely on others unlike himself.  Will they find anger and resentment or much more in common than they could hope for.

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Biscuits Can Get You In A Jam - Respect 

The importance of respect. One of the Bog farmers, while working in his hayfield, is confronted by a pack of raucous, disrespectful coyotes who undo all his hard work. In teaching the coyotes a lesson, the old farmer learns one himself.

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Baron Von Klipklop - Cheating 

The dangers of cheating.  The Baron earned his wealth by cheating others out of theirs.  But when Boyd Scout his assistant steps in to protect some of his renters, the Baron learns a lesson on cheating that changes his entire life!

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The Rhubarb Rebellion - Obedience/Rebellion

How pride and disobedience leads to a fall. A dreadful plague hits the Bog forcing the critters together in order to overcome it. However, Rowdy and his little gang refuse to follow the rules and the result is mayhem.

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Jelly Belly - Jealousy

Bellee Bouton, a gorgeous but difficult circus star, finds herself ensnared by jealousy when a younger and equally talented performer wins the hearts of all the Bog critters. Will Bellee be able to control herself before she loses her popularity and her health.

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Foibles Oddity Shop - Persistence

The importance of persistence, never giving up. Piercy Foibles owns the Bog thrift store, where he sells  used items to fund his new inventions.  His jumbled up mess of a store leads to circumstances that will change Piercy and the rest of the Bog forever.

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The Patience of Petunia - Patience

A story about the importance of - wait for it - patience!

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And here is a Hartlie story to read right now...

A Time For Dingle - Time

How we spend our time.  Every one in Dingleberry Hollow is sorely pressed for time and when a new baby Dingle arrives, everyone ends up crying, but not necessarily from joy.  (For ages 5yrs and up)

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A story about the importance of spending ones time wisely

At the bottom of the hill where the Bog creek rushes past,
Lived the Dingleberry clan, small in stature but quite vast.
Dingleberry Hollow was a quiet little place,
But the ones that chose to live there could just barely stand the pace.

They were a very lively lot with all their kissing cousins,
Running up and down and in and out, they were teaming by the dozens.
Dingles run on tip toes as they’re always in a hurry,
They worry and are fretful as they dither and they scurry.
They rush to get to work on time; they rush to get to bed,
They rush to eat their food so fast; they’d forget that they’d been fed.
With all this rushing round and round, they became a dizzy bunch,
They couldn’t even tell you what it was they ate for lunch.
Sometimes they’d rush around so fast they’d become a fuzzy dot,
From steam that rose around them because they got so hot.

One bright day in this teaming mass a sound rang out quite clear,
It was a baby Dingle who squalled where all could hear.
“Oh mercy me! What should I do?” the baby’s mother muttered,
“Don’t hand here, I don’t have time!” its daddy said all flustered.

The baby was quite red-faced from the fitful squalls and cries,
And the Dingles were quite worn out from singing lullabies.
You see…
This was the very first time that a Dingle ever cried,
For up till now there’d been no time for tears that should be dried.

“Oh baby hush!” the mother wailed as she hurried round the room,
“I’ve got to cook and clean and work, I’ve got to rush and zoom!
There simply is no way for me to stop and take the time…
So here’s a piece of candy and a shiny brand new dime.”

But the screaming baby Dingle, wanted neither one
And hollered even louder refusing now to run.
Instead he chose to plop right down and not move another inch,
Putting Dingleberry Hollow in a very real tight pinch.
How could the Dingles do their work?  How could they even eat?
Who would hush the baby’s cries and let them get their sleep?
The sun came up and went back down and still the baby fussed,
With all the tears the baby shed you’d think that he would rust!

For days and days the baby cried so the Dingles got no sleep,
They got all mean and crotchety then they all began to weep!
“Would someone please just find out what is making baby cry?
This infernal noise grates on our nerves we want its tears to dry!!”

Well, mother Dingle decided that this would have to stop,
So off she went to Hartlie’s home to see if he would drop
Whatever he was doing and come back with her to see
If he could hush the baby and give life some normalcy.

“Hurry, hurry Hartlie, come quick and set us free,
For life at Dingle Hollow is not what it used to be!
The baby cries so long and loud we cannot even think,
He cries so hard and gets so wet I’m afraid that he might shrink!”
“How can I help?”  Hartlie asked so kind, “ what can I do for you?
What do you think needs to be done from you own point of view?” 
“Ohhh… We’ve tried everything we know to do, we’re just so tired of trying
Just come to Dingle Hollow and help stop the baby’s crying!”

She rushed them back across the Bog and never did slow down,
Never taking time to wave or smile, it was quicker just to frown.
As they drew up closer to the home, Hartlie heard the baby wailing,
The only sound still louder was the daddy’s cry “I’m failing!”
The daddy ran in circles around the baby’s bed,
He wrung his hands, he pulled his beard, he rubbed his balding head.
“Oh Hartlie, I am so very glad that you are now in charge,
You see… I’m just a tiny daddy and this problems’ just too large.”

Now what’s the problem baby?”  Hartlie asked with love and care
As he reached to pick the baby up, a sight which was quite rare.
“What are you doing Hartlie!?” They hollered quite disturbed,
“Don’t play with him, just hush him up!!!” They were angered and perturbed.

But… as soon as Hartlie touched him and to everyone’s surprise,
The baby hushed his crying and let Hartlie dry his eyes.
“What’s the matter little fella?” Hartlie snuggle him real tight,
Taking time to comfort him so he no longer had to fight,
To get the love and care that a Dingle baby needs,
For it’s not the things you buy them that really truly feeds,
The heart of little Dingles for that comes at a price.
They want love and hugs and priceless time…
“So give it!” ………..was Hartlie’s advice.

“You mean…
Stop our rushing round and round and maybe just sit down,
And talk and play and laugh and hug and smile instead of frown?!”
“That’s exactly what it is I mean!” Hartlie reassured them all,
“Remember that the Bible says, pride goes before a fall.
 That simply means you’re better off admitting when you’re wrong,
By changing your ways from bad to good for that’s what keeps us strong.
You thought that you were doing the very best you could for Dingle,
By working hard and rushing round but a warning sound did jingle.
These kinds of things will happen when we don’t prioritize
And get caught up in worldly things and their bejeweled lies.
If we’ll put God first in our lives, then we will quickly see,
That precious time with family is our new priority.
He will bless them both and heal your home without you even trying,
For love brings peace and joy to all and will hush the baby’s crying.”

By now the Dingles all were piled in one exhausted heap,
As Hartlie rocked the Dingle baby, who was now fast asleep.

The end…or could it be…THE BEGINNING


Scriptures from the Holy Bible to help us understand the importance of spending time with God and our family.

Proverbs 22:6 train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Deuteronomy 6:5,7 love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.  These commandments I give you today are to be upon your hearts.  Impress them on your children.  Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.

Ephesians 6:1 children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.  Honor your father and mother, which is the first commandment with a promise, “That it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”

Isaiah 54:13 all your sons will be taught by the Lord and great will by your children’s peace.

Ephesians 6:4 fathers, do not exasperate your children, instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.

Acts 16:31 they replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

John 3:16 for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever would believe in Him should not perish but have life everlasting.

This series was written in an effort to help children understand that no problem can overcome us if we are walking close to Jesus, trusting in His love and obeying His commandments.

Texts taken from THE HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®, NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.™ Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

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